June 30, 2017 Countries agree to take decisive and urgent actions to restore marine world to health at the UN Ocean Conference.
June 30, 2017 High-level SDG Action Event on Education that took place at UN Headquarters on 28 June to discuss ways to “ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.”
June 30, 2017 Central, South Asian Civil Society Groups Meet to Combat Human Trafficking at a two-day regional counter-trafficking forum hosted by the UN Migration Agency (IOM) in the Tajikistan capital Dushanbe.
June 30, 2017 Government of Gabon and the Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI) signed a Letter of Intent for 18 million US dollars to protect the country’s forests and accelerate the fight against climate change.
June 30, 2017 A new research explores the underlying social and cultural aspects of inter-state migration in India.
June 29, 2017 Investing in the health and survival of the most deprived children and communities provides more value for money than investing in less deprived groups, says a new study by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).
June 27, 2017 New films on Global Goals spotlight women’s journeys of resilience.
June 27, 2017 Survey commissioned by Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry, Indonesia sheds light on the rise in physical, sexual and emotional violence against women in Indonesia.